SurveyXa was born out of a culture obsessed with delivering high quality, authenticated leads for market research, sample and data collection companies. A team of dedicated account managers, media buyers, project managers, fraud detection specialists, marketers and number crunching data experts drive everything we do. We have several ways to monetize your websites / app. We have several ways to monetize your websites / app.

Providing daily work for your customers to make them busy on your site.

Every day we will provide survey / tasks for your customers to make them remain busy on your site/apps.

Videos and app installations with Signup offers too. Paying a good amount of comission to your for the task your customers do.

Add an iframe to your web and reward your users.

We also allow selected publishers to hand pick our offers.

Monetize your apps with our this service.

We thrive to supply your web/app with the best rewarded surveys available.

Boost Your Revenue

Encourage your users to complete offers, such as surveys by rewarding them with virtual currency or in-game items.


In the SurveyXa world there are no affiliates, only partners. We strongly believe that each and every relationship we build becomes a partner for life.


SurveyXa has been delivering quality leads for our strategic partners for years. Working directly with partners on both sides of the network allows us to continually optimize campaigns, drive costs down, increase quality and deliver as much, or as little as needed.

Our Features

These are some of our features listed below.



Offers with HIGH PAYOUTS that are not presented in other affiliate networks on a unique business model.



Our modern, updated innovative platform allows you to view your stats in a more intuitive way, in real time, with pre-generated reports & custom reporting



We have 24/7 Dedicated affiliate support.



We do our best to ensure our affiliate dashboard is easy to use. Your affiliate ID won't be shared to anyone



Top tier developers enjoy much faster payments via paypal, check or Wire! Net-30 or faster!



Our Highly Sophisticated and Top-Notch Fraud Management system continuously monitors all affiliates traffic for any Fraudulent Behavior.

About Us


The Best Surveys Offers to Boost Your Profits

Our desire to always be ahead of innovations and the online marketing world. We specialise in surveys offers. We provide the best surveys offers from premium advertisers and ensure competitive payments for our affiliates. What makes us so rewarding to work with is our immediate and personalised support and high traffic monetisation.


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Singing up on SurveyXa is completely free and is also free to setup or integrate.

Offerwall is an advertising and monetization platform that turns digital content into a source of revenue through offers that promote products and services. Offers encourage users to complete a survey, watch a video, install an app or other specific tasks in exchange for virtual rewards. For publishers, each completed offer brings revenue for their app or website. For advertisers, offers allow them to widen the audience for their product or service.

We can pay you via the following methods:

Bank and Wire transfer, Check, PayPal, Minimum $150.

We thrive to supply your web/app with the best rewarded surveys available.

You will be able to receive your payout from Offerwall on a monthly net-30 basis.

Offerwall can be implemented on a website or in-game.

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Incent MR LLC 2055 Limestone Rd STE 200-C, Wilmington DE 19808 USA


+1 302-725-3141

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